My Organic Mission

Hello! I’m Amanda Mary Marcetic, and this is my blog about organic wine making and delicious meals from the garden of my home. There are already many sites and blogs out there about food am I right? And I know that there are loads of winery sites. However my blog is completely different. The wine made at the Marcetic house is completely organic and my Dad has made it for as long as I can remember. Though our vineyard is small, the hobby of wine making at my home brings everyone together. All you need in life is good food and good wine surrounded by your family and friends. In my ‘Organic Marcetic’ blog you will be able to read some of my special home made recipes from piping hot goulash to smooth, sweet apricot jam. Plus you may regret leaving this site without learning the all time secret to the BEST home made pizza in the world! You can gain ideas and learn how to maintain your own organic vegetable garden for yourself! Learn some new recipes on good, healthy and wholesome foods that will warm your heart.

Now here’s a little background on myself. I am part of a family of six whom I adore with all my heart. I have two younger brothers and a twin sister. My Mum is Aussie and my Dad is Croatian. He came to Australia with his family at age 10 and can still speak fluent Croatian. My Grandma, Baka was an amazing cook! She taught my mum, my sister and I how to make beautiful Croatian dishes. My family home is on a two and a half acre block in the countryside surrounded by fruit trees.

That’s enough about me, it’s time to get your own taste for the organic lifestyle and even come up with your own organic project.  I hope you enjoy this blog and get a lot out of it, happy reading! 🙂



About marcetic

Amanda is an imaginative and enthusiastic writer currently studying a Masters of Writing and Literature at Deakin University. She is passionate about her family, friends, good food and good music (and maybe that glass of Sav Blanc too). Catching the travel bug at fifteen, Amanda liked what Europe had to offer and after graduating high school she took on a work and travel gig with her twin sister in 2012. She spent the adventurous and rewarding year waitressing in England, bike riding in Tuscany, getting caught in the rain in Spain (literally) and visiting family in Croatia. Now Amanda lives in Melbourne where culture and cuisine come alive and while she completes her post-graduate studies, she will work towards landing the job of her dreams within the writing, editing and publishing industry.
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