Would you like Red or White?

My Dad has a passion for wine making. He gets his love of outdoors, nature and gardening from the ways of the Europeans. Originally from Croatia, Dad and his family brought with them Croatian foods, wine making and a lifestyle that has influenced me to this day.

At home we have a small vineyard, a few rows of grape vines that consist of both red (Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon) and white grapes (Chardonnay). Only organic chemicals are used to spray the grapes. Image

The grapes are ready to be picked usually in the late summer to early autumn months. It is a good idea to pick them in the morning while the air is fresh and cool. This is because once it starts to heat up throughout the day, bacteria may begin to grow on the grapes after they’re picked.

Once the grapes are crushed and de-stemmed they are left in the barrel for 3-4 weeks. Dad likes to leave them longer than usual to get more body and flavour in his wine, as well as a deeper colour that comes out of the skins.

By this stage the wine should be fully fermented, but it still needs a little more clarifying. So it is transferred into demijohns, which are glass bottles with a narrow neck that are usually encased in wickerwork. Dad prefers to use glass or stainless steal because they don’t release odours and contaminate the wine like plastic. The wine is left in these containers for another couple of months.

It is essential not to let oxygen into the wine after it is fermented, otherwise it will start oxidising, which will make the wine go flat. The wine in the demijohns is racked several times (transferred from one container to another) until it’s perfectly clear and ready for bottling. This is usually done in the wintertime.

Now the bottles are washed out and sterilised in a bucket of water with a sprinkle of sodium metabisulfite. This inorganic chemical formula is only used as a disinfectant and preserving agent, to sterilise the bottles. Don’t worry this will not harm the organic purity of the wine itself. “Wineries and most wine-makers add sodium metabisulfite into the wine itself as a preservative. I never use this method for my wine.”  (Ranko Marcetic)


Automatic bottler, set to stop once the bottles are filled with no fuss.

Wine making is something that has to be practiced and perfected; you cannot just learn it overnight. My Dad has had 20 years of experience and has made changes and used different methods over the years, always trying to make it better.

His hobby of wine making is a project that is very good in the long run. Being able to share it with friends and family is a special thing. Plus who doesn’t want an endless supply of free wine?

I hope you have gained something from this post, if you have any suggestions, questions or comments please leave a reply.

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My Must Follow Twitter List

Hello all you wine lovers I have comprised a Twitter list in my blog that I believe relates to the concept of organic food and wine making as extra resources to backup my blog. Included in the list are a mixture of other wineries and organic garden growing ideas. So not only can you get good ideas from my blog, but also gain inspiration from similar blogs and websites by following them on Twitter through my Twitter list provided  at the bottom of this post.

In my list I have included my favourite down to earth chef; Jamie Oliver listed as a definite person to follow. He is very inspirational to me. He has a love of home-grown fruits and vegetables, cooking at home, family lifestyle and is not afraid to get creative and messy in the kitchen. Oliver is all about olive oil and flavour. One of my favourite recipes of his is his stone oven cooked pizza.

Jamie is also is very knowledgeable about preserving his vegetables. This is very useful when you have a vegetable garden or fruit trees of any kind, because there may come a point where you have too many chillies and capsicums in your garden you won’t know what to do with them all. I can give you information on how to preserve and pickle your veggies and this is a great way to be able to have your organic products all year round. I mean, what happens if you feel like apple pie is summer? Granny Smiths only grow in the Autumn months. However, say you had preserved them last winter and you have them in jars at the back of your cupboard. HEY PRESTO all of a sudden you can cook up a delicious home made apple pie whenever you want, everyday even.

So here is my Twitter List:

  1. Muma Avocado (@MumaAvocado)  https://twitter.com/MumaAvocado The passionate views of a naturopath and herbalist who believes in wholesome foods and a healthy lifestyle and for children to flourish in a natural and healthy environment.  www.aisforavocado.com
  2. Yalumba (@yalumba) https://twitter.com/yalumba Barossa Valley Winery. Australia’s oldest family owned winery. This Family winery has now got an extensive and growing use of natural yeast for a vegetarian based wine. The wild yeast is used in both red and white wine and there is commitment in trying to avoid animal based fining agents.
  3. Wine Blogs (@WineHype) https://twitter.com/WineHype“The source for #winelovers who are looking for a good #wine reads and reviews by professionals and #winos from across the world.”
  4. Jamie Oliver (@jamieoliver) https://twitter.com/jamieoliver He has a passion for good food and good wine. He loves his homegrown fruits and vegetables. A great inspiration.
  5. Cityfood Growers (@yourfoodgarden)https://twitter.com/yourfoodgarden “Urban farming services, including online guide to growing 300+ fruit, veggies, herbs and native food plants…” “Grow your own food organically… it doesn’t get any better.” http://cityfoodgrowers.com.au/
  6. Melb Food and Wine (@Melbfoodandwine) https://twitter.com/Melbfoodandwine“Makers of Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. Shares edibles and drinkables, foodie happenings, plus latest Festival news. #mfwf Melbourne – http://www.melbournefoodandwine.com.au
  7. Country Wine Making (@counrtywine) https://twitter.com/countrywine“Learning ancient recipes for making wine. We share recipes you can make from ingredients you’ll possibly find right in your own backyard…”
  8. Yarra Valley (@YarraRanges) https://twitter.com/YarraRanges“Renowned for its extraordinary range of food and wine experiences, the Yarra Valley prides itself on exceptional quality, variety and passion for producing Victoria’s best wines.” http://www.experienceyarravalley.com.au/wine-home/
  9. Homelife.com.au (@homelifecomau) https://twitter.com/homelifecomau“Ideas and inspiration for your living spaces with help from Inside Out and Country Style magazines. Australia – http://www.homelife.com.au
  10. Laura Klein (@OranicAuthorit) https://twitter.com/OrganicAuthorit“Devoted to delicious foodie culture

I hope you all find this list helpful and interesting. Please leave comments if you wish to add your own suggestions or queries. 

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My Organic Mission

Hello! I’m Amanda Mary Marcetic, and this is my blog about organic wine making and delicious meals from the garden of my home. There are already many sites and blogs out there about food am I right? And I know that there are loads of winery sites. However my blog is completely different. The wine made at the Marcetic house is completely organic and my Dad has made it for as long as I can remember. Though our vineyard is small, the hobby of wine making at my home brings everyone together. All you need in life is good food and good wine surrounded by your family and friends. In my ‘Organic Marcetic’ blog you will be able to read some of my special home made recipes from piping hot goulash to smooth, sweet apricot jam. Plus you may regret leaving this site without learning the all time secret to the BEST home made pizza in the world! You can gain ideas and learn how to maintain your own organic vegetable garden for yourself! Learn some new recipes on good, healthy and wholesome foods that will warm your heart.

Now here’s a little background on myself. I am part of a family of six whom I adore with all my heart. I have two younger brothers and a twin sister. My Mum is Aussie and my Dad is Croatian. He came to Australia with his family at age 10 and can still speak fluent Croatian. My Grandma, Baka was an amazing cook! She taught my mum, my sister and I how to make beautiful Croatian dishes. My family home is on a two and a half acre block in the countryside surrounded by fruit trees.

That’s enough about me, it’s time to get your own taste for the organic lifestyle and even come up with your own organic project.  I hope you enjoy this blog and get a lot out of it, happy reading! 🙂


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